LETTER: Let’s agree to disagree

To the Editor:

My Feb. 16 letter questioning vulgarity at the Jan. 21 women’s march drew heavy fire online in the form of personal attacks, comical in their viciousness, regarding EastonEye.org and my support for President Trump. The Eye speaks for itself. This letter speaks to supporting Trump.

Mainstream media reporting during the presidential campaign generated the following brand of national bickering. Trump’s a clown; Hillary’s corrupt. Trump insulted McCain; Hillary called conservatives deplorable. Trump lied about his net worth; Hillary lied about Benghazi. Trump insulted women; Hillary attacked Bill’s accusers. Trump failed to disavow David Duke; Hillary ignores the brutal treatment of women under Islam. Continue ad nauseam.

Both candidates are flawed individuals, just like the person each of us sees in the mirror. There are no perfect people. The idea that choosing either candidate indicates you approve of everything that candidate has ever said or done is nonsense.

I like President Trump. I don’t like his divorces, but he seems to have a warm and respectful relationship with his ex-wives, and he certainly has impressive children clearly devoted to him. He hires strong women and stands up to the media. He’s a business success and he does good deeds. He speaks without a filter, but I will live with that because I admire his directness.

Millions voted for Trump because they support private sector healthcare, treaties that protect American workers, secure borders, and an immigration policy that benefits the United States and its citizens economically, culturally and in terms of national security. We want a strong military and a complete defeat of Islamic terrorism — a new direction, not Obama-continued.

If the nation had engaged in a national discussion focused on serious issues rather than personal destruction, perhaps our country would be less divided and less angry today. So let’s agree to disagree, join hands and “Make America Great Again.”

Sherry L. Harris

Ridgeway Road


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  • Dean Gurney


  • Mary Silvers

    Harris’ hypocrisy is disgusting. She administers a website that mocks in vile way public and private people in Easton and she has the gall to criticize a small number of people in a peaceful march. Her website is disgusting, juvenile and vile. She should be ashamed of herself but she is obviously shameless.

    • Beverlee Dacey

      Mary – who are you and why are you so angry? Terms like disgusting, gall, vile, and ashamed speaks to illegal/immoral acts such as pornography, child molestation, and illegal drug sales, not political lampooning. We are blessed to live in a nation that protects are rights to agree to disagree.

      • Mary Silvers

        It’s interesting that you want to decide the words I should and should not use. Go to Harris’ website and you will see what I mean. Harris mocks private and public citizens and she goes far beyond “political lampooning”. I love the way you accuse me of attacking people and you defend Harris’ attacks. I repeat – her website is disgusting, juvenile and vile and you just can’t handle the truth. Harris is a very angry as evidenced by her letters and on-line posts.

        • Beverlee Dacey

          Click on Easton Eye History to view the “evidence.” Thanks for the reminder that Ray Martin’s status needs updating.

          • Mary Silvers

            Attacking private people on a public website is disgusting and cowardly. You must be so proud.

          • Beverlee Dacey

            Not really – pride is not something I covet. But I am curious who you actually are and why venting in this forum is so important to you? What makes you think you have the right to judge my service or lack thereof on the Aspetuck Cemetery Committee Board (a private organization)?

          • Mary Silvers

            So you are not proud of the fact that Harris uses her website to attack public and private people? You have defended her many times. And for you to question someone “venting” as you put it, is laughable. I have seen you vent in letters to the editor; on-line posts and at town meetings. You are the Queen of venting. Give me a break.

          • Beverlee Dacey

            It is common for online trolls to use a “nom de plume” which seems to be the case with one “Mary Silvers.” Hence, I am signing off!

          • Mary Silvers

            LOL – Dacey signed off because she lost the debate and tried to defend the indefensible. She has no credibility and she and Harris are both cowards. I feel very sorry for both of them. Easton deserves better than these two cowards who attack people on public websites and then defend these attacks.

          • Beverlee Dacey

            No I’m not a coward evidenced by my comfort in using my real name in these comments. Your name is NOT Mary Silvers and your reference to my service on the board of the Aspetuck Cemetery Committee exposed the face behind the mask.
            I won’t bother disclosing who you are, so you can continue having your fun,

          • Mary Silvers

            Terrific comeback. I’m done with you.

        • Sherry Harris

          Absolutely nothing has been removed from the Easton Eye.

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