LETTER: CFE responds to Saddle Ridge project approval

To the Editor:

We understand how an irremediably flawed law has put Easton and dozens of other communities across the state in an untenable position.  

What we don’t quite understand is why our own zoning commission has ignored an extenuating factor in this instance: Intensive housing developments such as this put the watershed at risk and ultimately public health as well.

All manner of so-called “safety nets” or “conditions” can’t begin to redress this blunt fact nor prevent similar developments in the future.

Easton does indeed have a unique mandate in protecting a vital public and natural resource, and CFE will remain vigilant in defending that mandate.

Verne Gay

President, Citizens for Easton

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  • Jamie Weinstein

    It is my understanding that the town’s outside engineer hired to assess the impact to the watershed concluded that there would be no impact above and beyond what had already been approved by the P&Z and Conservation Commissions in the past for this use. (Full disclosure: I am a Conservation Commission alternate member, but am speaking for myself and not for the Commission).

    This assessment was used as proof that the Conservation Commission did not need to look at the application again even though their initial approval for this in the past was for 48 units of single family housing and not with the additional accessory apartments.

    Having said that, the outside engineer concluded that there will be no additional impact on the watershed. So my question is, what is driving the statement that “Intensive housing developments such as this put the watershed at risk”? Are you saying the engineer was wrong? If that is the case, what proof is there?

    I’m not being rhetorical at all. If you have expert evidence that the town’s engineer is incorrect in his assessment, then now would be the time to show that evidence.

    • iWash

      At the behest of Saddle Ridge intervener Citizens for Easton, Michael S. Klein, one of the region’s preeminent soil, biological and wetlands scientists, gave testimony to P&Z that directly contradicted the “proof” served up by P&Z’s outside engineer that you cite. Perhaps as an alternate member of the Conservation Commission, you should have paid closer attention to these P&Z deliberations, and in the future you should consider refraining from issuing “speaking for myself” comments while you are serving in that official capacity.

      • Jamie Weinstein

        As much as i appreciate your concern for what I should and shouldn’t do, I’m going to go ahead and keep expressing my personal opinions as a resident of the town. If that’s OK with you, that is.

        And while we’re on the subject, you might not want to tell people what they should and shouldn’t be saying while hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. It’s unseemly. If you’d like to have a pleasant conversation about any number of town issues, my number and address are listed. Please come over anytime you’d like.

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