Sen. Chris Murphy issues statement on U.S. air strike in Syria

Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), a member of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, released the following statement on the U.S. air strike launched in Syria:

“An ill-thought out military action with absolutely no overall strategy for Syria risks dragging us further into a civil war in which we cannot tip the scales. And put in the context of U.S. polices that aid the slaughter of civilians in Yemen and deny terrorized Syrians the ability to flee their dystopian existence, a solitary air strike exposes the immoral hypocrisy of this administration’s policy in the Middle East.

“Yes, Bashar al-Assad should pay a price for the slaughter of civilians in Syria. But the decision over the nature of that consequence is not for President Trump to make alone. The Constitution states that only Congress can authorize military activity, and President Trump should have sought congressional approval before taking action. Having failed to do so, he now must come to Congress and explain his policy in Syria and seek authorization for any continued military action.”

Two weeks ago, Murphy wrote a commentary expressing concerns that President Trump was preparing for a war with Syria while quietly deploying U.S. troops there.

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  • Beverlee Dacey

    There will always be differing perspectives on how society reacts to atrocities. However, destroying the facility in Syra that is the repository for human slaughter was long overdue. Had such action been taken in the 1930’s-40’s to the gas chambers at the concentration camp, the lives of many would have been spared and a WW possibly averted. Politics got in the way then, as it is doing today.

  • dabc

    I agree ! We have a Constitution, one man can not make this kind of decision.
    Especially not that man!

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