Easton seniors urged to sign up for tax relief

From left, First Selectman Adam Dunsby and Selectmen Carolyn Colangelo and Robert Lessler at the board's Dec. 21 meeting. — Brad Durrell photo

The Board of Selectmen listened to a presentation on proposed changes to the town’s elderly tax relief program at its Dec. 21 meeting. Paul Lindoerfer, Tax Relief for the Elderly Committee chairman, said the program’s “performance” is reviewed every three years. He said a limited number of changes are being recommended to the program for people age 65 and older. “It seems to be working fine,” Lindoerfer said. The program includes both a tax credit that reduces a senior’s property tax obligations, and a less-used partial tax deferral that eventually is paid back to the town when a home is … Read more

Residents say Aquarion land should be assessed higher

Resident A. Reynolds Gordon urges the Board of Selectmen to look into whether Aquarion must file annual forestland applications to pay reduced property taxes. — Brad Durrell photo

Two residents urged the Board of Selectmen at its Dec. 21 meeting to look into whether Aquarion Water Co. land in town should be assessed at a higher rate. They said because Aquarion doesn’t file paperwork annually with the town assessor for the property to be classified as forestland, the company may not be eligible to receive the state-sanctioned lower assessment for undeveloped forestland. Resident A. Reynolds Gordon, an attorney, said the pertinent law doesn’t indicate that making one initial forestland application “takes you through, year after year after year.” Resident Scott Charmoy, also an attorney, said there’s “at least … Read more

Adirondack Trail acceptance complete pending legal notice

From left, First Selectman Adam Dunsby and Selectmen Carolyn Colangelo and Robert Lessler at the board's Dec. 21 meeting. — Brad Durrell photo

The Board of Selectmen delayed taking action on making Adirondack Trail an official town road at its Dec. 21 meeting because the town had failed to publish a required legal notice in advance. “I apologize. That’s our mistake,” First Selectman Adam Dunsby told developer Harold Rosnick, who constructed the road and has been working for a few years to have it accepted as a town road. The lapse came to light when Selectman Carolyn Colangelo asked if the notice, indicating the matter was to be considered at the meeting, had been published in a newspaper. Dunsby, looking at paperwork on … Read more

Public hearing set for South Park Bridge project

A public hearing on the replacement of the South Park Avenue bridge over the Mill River near Riverside Lane has been scheduled for Monday, Jan. 8, at 7:30 p.m. The Planning and Zoning Commission hearing will focus on zoning-related issues involving the bridge replacement. An engineering firm, hired by the town, has finalized plans for the new bridge. Only one lane of the older bridge now is in operation, and construction on the new bridge is expected to take place next summer. Another bridge over the Mill River on South Park Avenue, between Bucks Hill Road and Marich Drive, also … Read more

Residents press commission to stop curve sign project

Some Easton residents are concerned about new signs placed at curves on rural roads in town, including these large arrow signs. — Brad Durrell photo

A group of Cedar Hill Road residents pressed the Police Commission to take action on the traffic curve signs installed earlier this year on their street and many other Easton rural roads. Resident Leslie Minasi said up to two dozen signs were put on Cedar Hill Road, which is about a half mile in length, and that’s more than what is needed on a lightly traveled road. The placement of a few signs are confusing drivers, causing them to enter her driveway by mistake, Minasi told the commission at its Dec. 11 meeting. “They think it’s a road,” she said. … Read more

Adirondack Trail on verge of being accepted as town road

Town Engineer Ed Nagy, left, and developer Harold Rosnick, third from left, discuss accepting Adirondack Trail as a town road at the Nov. 27 P&Z meeting. Also shown are P&Z alternate Alison Sternberg and P&Z Vice Chairman Ray Martin. — Brad Durrell photo

The Planning and Zoning Commission appears on the verge of recommending that Adirondack Trail be accepted as an official town road. At its Nov. 27 meeting, the P&Z unanimously approved a motion for the positive recommendation once three final items are resolved in the longtime dispute between developer Harold Rosnick and Town Engineer Ed Nagy. These items involve identifying the exact locations of the water lines, natural gas lines, and electric lines and any related easements in the new road and surrounding development lots and including them on detailed site maps for the town. “Everything is buried,” Nagy said of … Read more

Benefits of vaccinations talk draws some critics

Rebecca Katz, a registered nurse and family nurse practitioner program doctoral student, gave a presentation on childhood vaccines at the Easton Public Library. — Brad Durrell photo

More than half of the 5.6 million children under age 5 who died worldwide in 2016 perished from vaccine-preventable diseases, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). But some people still question whether the multitude of vaccinations given to children in affluent countries such as the United States might cause problems of their own. Rebecca Katz, a registered nurse from Easton studying to become a family nurse practitioner, discussed the importance of vaccinations during an Easton Public Library talk on Vaccines: Every Child’s Health Is a Public Health Issue. While many parents may think “getting too many vaccinations at once” … Read more

P&Z approves barn in floodplain

Engineer Harry Rocheville, left, of the Bridgeport-based Quill Group represents a property owner seeking to build a barn within a floodplain at a Nov. 13 zoning meeting. — Brad Durrell photo

A Black Rock Road couple has received permission to build a barn within the 100-year floodplain of the Aspetuck River. The Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved the plan at its Nov. 13 meeting. P&Z also continued work on the town’s new Plan of Conservation and Development and new zoning regulations The barn project previously received wetlands approval from the Conservation Commission. Property owners James and Deborah Carrier plan to build a 26-foot by 48-foot wooden barn with access ramps for personal storage purposes. The barn will be 25 feet high and be placed on a concrete slab above the … Read more

Parking plan approved for Trout Brook Valley entry in Easton

No Parking signs previously were installed on Freeborn Road, just east of Norton Road (toward Route 58), near Aspetuck Land Trust hiking trails. — Brad Durrell archive photo

The Police Commission has approved a parking plan for Freeborn Road and Elm Drive, near a main entry for hikers to Trout Brook Valley. The plan would involve putting up more No Parking signs on Freeborn, which is a narrow, winding and hilly road. “We’re hoping to put up the signs quickly,” police Chief Tim Shaw said. On-street parking by hikers has been an issue on these roads as well as nearby Norton Road, leading to public safety concerns and neighbor complaints. The Police Department drafted the proposed parking plan for the commission’s consideration. Shaw said the goal is “to … Read more

P&Z resolves dispute between developer and town engineer

Developer Harold Rosnick discusses the status of Adirondack Trail’s becoming a town road during the Planning and Zoning Commission’s Nov. 13 meeting. — Brad Durrell photo

The Planning and Zoning Commission has passed a resolution recommending that Adirondack Trail be accepted as an official town road, pending settlement of a few minor outstanding issues. The action appears to end the disagreement, from the zoning perspective, between developer Harold Rosnick and Town Engineer Ed Nagy that has dragged on for a few years. “I think we have resolved our differences,” Rosnick told the P&Z. Rosnick has developed the new street, off Tuckahoe Road near the Trumbull border, and has been working to meet the requirements for having it become a municipal road. Nagy has questioned whether all … Read more

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