Something New: Lessons and lectures

ART & ARCHITECTURE Drawing Workshops, March 17-24, 12-3 p.m., Loft Artists Association, 575 Pacific St., Stamford. Free drawing workshop with Loft artists, materials will be provided. Info: Fairfield County Arts Association meeting, March 21, 7 p.m., Roger Ludlowe Middle School Team Room 292, Fairfield. Wilton artist Katya Lebrija is featured presenter. She will have a presentation showing how her work, which includes mixed media, has evolved from watercolors to acrylics, her experiment with printmaking, and where she is today. She will also bring some of her paintings to show. Info: Alice Katz, 203-259-8026. * The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary … Read more

Binge and Repeat: Gather together when watching One Day at a Time

After several weeks of dramas and dystopian series, a family friendly sitcom was beckoning for my attention. One Day at a Time follows the life of a Cuban family living in Los Angeles. Penelope Alvarez is a veteran, nurse and single mom living with her mother, Lydia, and two kids. In addition to juggling her job and home life, Penelope is trying to treat her depression and dive back into the dating pool. The feisty and spunky grandmother Lydia, provides plenty of laughs as she encourages her grandchildren to participate in Cuban customs and tells grandiose stories about her past. … Read more

Hair-raising fun at the Aldrich

Despite being an adult, it’s always fun to get dressed up, and with the Hair Ball coming to Ridgefield on March 10, patrons might want to consider getting “tressed up.” Amy Pal, owner of Whip Salon in Ridgefield, is spearheading the benefit to raise money for the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. Pal and her co-organizer Kristin McGuinness, owner of Sparkle Events, were inspired to hold their fund-raiser because they’re both passionate about art. “The exhibits [at the Aldrich] are always changing, so you can always see something new there,” Pal said. “It’s nice to have a world-class museum in our … Read more

Food: Breakfast with a bang

Looking for a way to wow your loved ones at brunch? Or maybe just a way to shake up the morning routine? Here’s a recipe to pack some flavor into your morning. Admittedly, I’m not a big breakfast person. I tend to grab a granola bar before going off on whatever adventure I have scheduled for the day. The only time I really make breakfast is on the weekends and even then I just make myself waffles (which are clearly superior to pancakes) and top them with berries or syrup and call it a day. Recently I decided to shake … Read more

Trevor Hall: Mixing music with images and tales of travels

By Keith Loria   With a musical mix of roots, folk and reggae, singer-songwriter Trevor Hall has toured the world spreading a message of love and tranquility. The artist has traveled to India and Nepal, and the inspiration of those trips can be heard in his songs and seen in the way he lives — living close to the earth and exhibiting the simple qualities of life. On Friday, March 2, Hall will appear at the Fairfield Theatre Company for what he dubs a “Night in the Village,” where he will share songs, the stories behind the tunes, and rare … Read more

Binge and Repeat: Altered Carbon explores the perils of immortality

Netflix’s most recent series, Altered Carbon, takes viewers into a future where death is only for those who can’t afford to purchase a new body to live in. In this future humans have found a way to cheat death by creating chips that their minds can be downloaded into and moved from body to body. Altered Carbon follows the story of Takeshi Kovacs, who is placed in a new body after spending 250 years “on ice” in prison and is tasked with solving the murder of a wealthy stranger in exchange for his freedom. Throughout the series, viewers are gradually … Read more

Food: Craving something sweet?

I’m not sure if it’s the frosty February chill or the toppling boxes of heart-shaped boxes in the grocery stores, but I’ve been craving something sweet. While I love to bake, I don’t usually like to prepare anything chocolatey. But this week I decided to change things up and make a luxurious treat. Chocolate lovers can rejoice — here is a decadently sweet way to satisfy your sweet tooth from the comfort of your own home. Instead of dragging yourself to a fancy restaurant, you can easily make a Chocolate Lava Cake in your home while wearing your bunny slippers. … Read more

Binge and Repeat: Atypical explores relationships

Atypical is a comedy that follows the lives of 18-year-old Sam Gardner, who is on the autism spectrum, and his family as he dives into the world of dating. Through Sam’s sessions with his therapist, viewers are able to understand what life can be like for some people with autism (not everyone experiences the same challenges). Sam in particular has sensory sensitivity and has difficulties picking up on social cues. His mother, Elsa, is struggling with Sam’s decision to pursue dating and that he is becoming less dependent on her. She sees it as a challenge to her identity because … Read more

Binge and Repeat: Who deserves to live in paradise?

With most of the world living in poverty and hunger, and with the constant threat of violence, only a select few are permitted to live in the paradise promised at the Offshore. Netflix’s 3% is a Brazilian series that follows a handful of protagonists as they compete for the chance to escape their dystopian nightmare and live the good life with the wealthy 3% of the population. The process to be selected to get to the Offshore involves mental, emotional and physical challenges and most of the population treat the process as a religious experience to achieve a lifetime of … Read more

Food: Dodging the dinner debate

You know what’s exhausting? Dinner. Well, not eating it, but deciding what to have. In my household we can take hours tossing the question back and forth, “What do you want?” only to have the other one say “I don’t know. What do you want?” And then polite society crumbles as the hungry inhabitants repeat this every 10 minutes until one of us gives up and searches out the cereal bowl or the take-out menu. The dinner debate doesn’t sound too bad, but when you factor in that we’re all cranky from our lengthy commutes and the long work week … Read more

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