Easton Planning & Zoning to update 10-year plan

Easton’s Planning and Zoning Commission is almost ready to send out an updated draft of its 2018 Plan for Conservation and Development to other town agencies to be reviewed. The commission has 65 days until it must send out its draft of the town plan out to the agencies, according to P&Z Chair Robert Murat. The commission said it plans to send out the updated draft by Friday, July 27, and have decided on Oct. 1 as the prospective date for the next public hearing discussion for the town plan. Murat said the Oct. 1 session would consist mainly of … Read more

Easton Planning and Zoning prepares new master plan

P&Z Chairman Robert Maquat, left, with town Land-Use Director John Hayes during a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. — Brad Durrell photo

The Easton Planning and Zoning Commission has been working for a few years to update the Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD), informally known as the master plan. State law requires that the plan be revised every decade. The POCD is an advisory document that provides guidance on how the town should be developed. Changes suggested in the POCD can be enacted only by altering the zoning regulations and subsequent zoning decisions made by the P&Z. The P&Z also is working on updating the zoning regulations, a separate but related process that won’t be completed until after the new POCD … Read more

Wooden fence on Route 136 in Easton ignites opposition

Two neighbors expressed concerns about a wooden fence constructed without a permit in a floodplain along Route 136 in Easton, off Redding Road. “We’re pretty outraged this fence went in,” Doug Newhouse said. Newhouse said he planted hundreds of trees near his house to “create a natural barrier” along the road and the builder of the new home with the fence should have to do the same. The other neighbor, David Christopher, said the 8-foot-high stockade fence doesn’t fit “in one of the most historic parts of Easton,” and if everyone put up a similar fence it would undermine the … Read more

Easton P&Z approves more solar panels at Staples

Easton Planning and Zoning Commission Briefs: Staples solar panels The P&Z approved adding a 12th row of solar arrays to the phase two installation of solar panels behind Samuel Staples Elementary School. The new row will be at the northern end of the solar display, closest to Banks Road. With the new row, the project should provide all of the school’s energy needs once completed. This “will allow us to get to 100%,” said John Dunster, director of NorthEast Energy Design & Solutions (NEEDS), the project manager. The P&Z previously gave zoning approval for the new phase, but the new … Read more

Easton P& Z discusses Gilbertie’s, bridge replacements

The use of a temporary trailer for an office at Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens has been unanimously approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Chairman Robert Maquat, who made the motion to approve the application at the March 12 meeting, said Sal Gilbertie’s operation is “a genuine working farm” that has to make adjustments to compete in a changing farm industry. “It’s temporary,” Maquat said of the office trailer, adding Gilbertie may apply for a building permit in the future if he wants to construct a permanent, stand-alone office structure. In a letter, Gilbertie wrote that relocating the office space from … Read more

Weston Planning and Zoning elects new chair

Weston’s Planning and Zoning Commission has appointed Democrat Ken Edgar as its new chairman. At P&Z’s regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Jan. 8, the group unanimously chose Edgar for the chairman’s position vacated by Tom Failla who was not re-elected in the November municipal election. The commission unanimously voted for Republican Don Saltzman as vice chairman. The current P&Z Commission is composed of Democrats Jane Connolly, Sally Korsh, Harry Falber, and Edgar. Republicans are Britta Lerner, Richard Wolf and Saltzman. The commission also voted for Korsh, an attorney, to be a representative on the legal review committee. The recently formed … Read more

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